Simple everyday makeup

Some of my friends have asked about my everyday makeup routine so I figured that I would share it with everyone because it is SUPER easy and usually takes me less than 10minutes! Even my husband comments on the fact that I get ready quite quickly. Haha

I’ve been doing the same makeup for a few years now. A friend of mine helped me figure out a natural makeup style for my wedding and honestly I haven’t really branched out since then. My skin is super sensitive so when I’m able to find some products that my skin seems to like, I tend to stay the course.

1 - Start with the eyes (yeux in french)

I always start with my eye makeup. First, I apply my eyeshow and then my eye pencil/crayon. I only apply mascara at the end of my routine once I am done with everything else. The intensity of my eye shadow depends on what I’m doing that day. I tend keep it “neutral” and use shades of beige, light pink or light orange during the day and, I usually do a darker shade at night.

I’ve been using the Makeup Revolution palette (called the Reloaded Palette / shade: “Velvet Rose“) that is super affordable and offers lots of color options.

For my eye pencil, I splurge on a Chanel crayon because it comes with a fantastic sharpener, and I also like the built-in smudge-tip applicator feature. I switch between the black color and the brown color.

2 - Continue with the base for the face (partie visage)

It’s important to have a clean, dry face that’s been primed for makeup before applying a concealer or foundation. I have been loving the CC+Cream/Foundation from It Cosmetics called the CC+Cream with SPF 50+ (shade: Medium) and I apply it with a big brush. I like to apply a thicker foundation to cover any blemishes that I want to hide.

Then I do some countouring using the Lorac PRO Contour Palette with Contour Brush. I apply the shade of Light Contour around my cheeks. I use a sponge to blend it out before applying the Beige shade of higlight underneath my eyes.

Lastly, I use the white highlighter from the brand Makeup Revolution called Incandescent Face Quad Highlighting Palette to make my highlights stand out a little bit more. I apply it underneath my eyes and on my nose + forehead.

3 - Finish with the brows!

I finish my eye makeup by filling in my brows using the Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer from Maybelline (shade: Medium brown) that you can find at most convenient stores.

Then, I apply mascara from Maybelline as well called The Mega Plush Washable Mascara.

And voilà!

PS: I saved a quick video on my insta IGTV that you can find here.

Thanks for reading. Bisous!

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